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E-Sword is a freely downloadable Bible studying piece of software which you can get here. And now there’s a totally online version. Handy if you’d like to test out the power of E-Sword before downloading but also when you’re out and about without your own computer and you need to find out what the Greek word for love is again.

E-sword is mainly different because it’s free and all the commentaries, dictionaries and lexicons are free too. The versions of the Bible that are available are limited (better to choose YouVersion for that) but the integration between the different aspects are perfect. Change your location in Scripture and the commentary changes to match. Click on a word and click the dictionary or lexicon and it’s instantly active.

A couple of tips, when you register, click on ‘Profile’ and add the versions, commentaries, dictionaries and lexicons you want to use. Then return to the e-sword tab and it’s all available. You must register to get access to these. Temp password sending is also instant, something you don’t find on every site you have to register for.

E-Sword LIVE is different to YouVersion in that it’s tailored to Bible study, learning, searching, understanding and going in depth. YouVersion is centred around a community of people reading and sharing what they’re learning with the rest of the users. Both are good for their separate purposes. On contacting the YouVersion team recently I learned that they are looking at adding a commentary section which would be superb.

E-Sword LIVE is an excellent addition to online Bible study and learning. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  1. June 12th, 2008
  2. May 26th, 2009
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