The Promises – iPhone app that builds faith

You gotta love an iPhone app created by the head of your movement which is specifically designed to help you, build your faith and aid in remembering Scripture.  This is it!

It’s a simple app that does exactly that.  Hit the Next button or swipe the screen for another verse,  hit the play button down the bottom to hear Ps Phil Pringle vocalise the verse.  It’s powerful because ‘faith comes by hearing the word’ (Romans 10:17) and by listening to the verse your faith is built up!  For those in C3, this is awesome to hear the President and founder of our movement vocalise powerful scripture into our lives.

Get it.  Search for ‘The Promises’ on the App Store on your iPhone or iTunes and whack it on your Home screen for daily use.  Get these promises into you for a bigger, faith filled future.  Only $1.19 too.

  1. October 28th, 2010

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