To Do Lists – How do you do it?

I’ve tried heaps of different ways to manage tasks.  I’ve used Microsoft Outlook, Google Tasks, the Things app, the 2Do app, pieces of paper, notepads… the list goes on.  I wanted a simple, easily manageable system that I could access both on my computer (in a browser preferably) AND on my iPhone.  I could not find a single iPhone app that would allow me to sync easily with my PC as well as my iPhone.  Key word?  Easily.

Then Communicate Jesus showed me GQueues.  It’s online, you can view it on a mobile site (and save to your iPhone home screen easily) then you have your tasks list everywhere you go AND when you’re at home.  You also don’t need to stuff around with MS Outlook or Apps that only sync with Mac software or other complicated task systems.

GQueues… simple, easy, fast, efficient… PC, Mac, iPhone, mobile device.  Nice.

  1. I love Wunderlist. Doesn’t have the same ability that you mention with GQueues but I personally don’t really need them either.

  2. I started using SpringPad. Works brilliantly. Let’s me access my list in a browser and my iPhone app. Very flexible with tags and categories. Highly recommend it.

    • Glenn
    • March 23rd, 2011

    Very cool. I am trying it now. Love Google Apps integration!

  3. quiobo, had you try it looks a lot simplier. greeting from mexico.

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