Springpad Vs One Note – first thoughts

Many of you know my fascination with Microsoft One Note… it’s a simple but powerful program which lets you categorise and store thousands of bits of info into ‘notebooks’ not unlike an A4 notebook with dividers.  Clever!

Since getting an iPhone however I’ve searched for software that would allow me to sync seamlessly One Note notebooks between devices.  I found Mobile Noter which has an iPad app too and is pretty good.  But simple cut and paste seems to elude it and it’s very clunky.

My friend John Finkelde recommended Springpad via Twitter earlier this week.  Since then I’ve been…. fascinated!

springpad pic

Perks of Springpad

  • Free iPhone + iPad apps
  • Automatic sync across devices
  • Full browser integration (i.e. access from anywhere)
  • ‘Magical’ auto assistant – haven’t seen benefits yet but apparently they exist
  • Cloud backup automatically
  • Tasks built in
  • Share items with friends simply (Facebook/Twitter integration)

One Note picAdvantages of One Note

  • Powerful MS product with sub links inside other MS products
  • Auto-saves your work – no save button
  • Completely searchable including text in images
  • Clever paste which adds website + other details
  • Better filing system
The jury is still out but I’m really enjoying Springpad so far and I’m loving using it out and about on my iPhone and iPad too.
EDIT: Just found a One Note iPhone app here!
    • Scott
    • May 21st, 2011

    Found an app for taking audio oaths on a bible at http://www.take-an-oath.com

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